See Our Custom Frame Homes!

See Our Custom Frame Homes!

An idea is salvation by imagination.

Custom is in our name, and we stand behind it! We build the finest custom homes of all types, not just log homes. Please take a look at our pictures for more ideas and inspiration.

This custom frame home was built with a drive-through portico and due to the placement on the top of the mountain, required a great deal of engineering and steel. The end product looked like it was grown there!

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Explore Our Exceptional Log Homes and Frame Homes

At Custom Timber, we’re proud to create some of the finest log homes and frame homes in the world. Take a look at our impressive collection of Timber and Frame Homes below to see the incredible craftsmanship on display.

From the initial planning stages all the way to the day we hand you the keys to your custom home, we’re committed to working closely with you at every step. This ensures that we turn your unique vision into a reality.

Frame Home Design Process

Our Frame Home design process is very similar to our log home process because it has proven to be highly effective. So, we use the same system for our stick and frame home package systems. Most importantly, our primary goal is to make your dreams come true!

To kickstart the process, we offer various options for collaboration. You can visit our drafting office in Maryville, TN, or, if you prefer, we can work with you remotely using Zoom, email, text, or phone. Even if all you have is an inspiring photo, we have the skills to turn it into your dream home.

Remarkably, our designers have even created incredible homes from nothing more than a rough sketch on a napkin. While this approach might take a bit more time, it’s entirely possible. In fact, the house you see above began as a simple sketch on a piece of paper.

Customized Design

Moreover, if you happen to discover elements you like from various home designs, we have the capability to seamlessly combine them to fashion a unique and personalized home tailored just for you.

Furthermore, any of our log home designs can be reimagined as stick-framed homes without ever compromising their true essence. Your options are virtually limitless when it comes to crafting your ideal home.

Take a Look at Some of Our Creations