What Should I Buy When? – What to buy in September

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What Should I Buy When? – What to buy in September

Outdoor patio with fireplaceOur Monthly Guide to Getting the Best Deals at the Best Times – What to buy in September

Welcome to September! The deals are starting early this month, with Labor Day already upon us (where has the year gone?). September is a great month for finding some outstanding deals! Not only will you find great Labor Day sales at the beginning of the month, but you’ll also be treated to model year-end close-out deals all month long! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!


Gym memberships

Gyms will be pushing for new members during the month of September. This is the case especially if you live in or near a college town. Gyms know students want to stay fit and looking good, so they’ll advertise some specials to draw those folks in. So, if you’ve been considering a gym membership, now may be a good time to act.

New cars

If you’ve had your eye on a 2014 model vehicle, September is a good month to go ahead and take it for a test drive. Auto dealerships are preparing to receive shipments of 2015 model cars, so the remaining 2014 models are priced to move. September is not the very best time to buy, however. The prices will be even better in October and November.

New recreational vehicles

New RVs, such as motorhomes, pop-up campers, etc., usually run in about the same cycle as new cars. So, if you’re an avid camper or simply a weekend-on-the-lake type, you may be interested in checking out new RVs during September.


Now, we’re talking about the kind that you have to pedal to make it go. Remember those? The early fall and early spring are both excellent times to get great deals on new bicycles, as the riding season slows down and then picks back up again. The longer you wait to buy, the better the deals get. So, wait until close to the end of September to buy.


Continuing our “riding” trend, this one may come as a surprise to many of you. It sure did to us! If you’ve just finished your beautiful log home in the country, and you’re ready to fill your field with the horses you’ve always dreamed of owning, wait no longer. September is a great month to buy horses. Why? Horses are quite expensive to board and care for during the winter months, so many recreational facilities, summer camps, and even private owners will sell their horses at the end of the summer season. Their loss can be your gain! You can even find thoroughbreds at excellent prices right now, since many owners retire and sell older race horses at the end of racing season.

Home appliances

Labor Day means big sales on almost everything for your home. This includes appliances! Your new long home is finished and looking great; now, it’s time to buy your appliances and set up your kitchen. Most things, from refrigerators to dryers, will be on sale at the beginning of September, so don’t delay.


This is another home item that will be on sale this month. This time of year is a sort of “double-whammy” for retailers. It’s time to move out old inventory and bring in new models, and it’s also Labor Day sales season. This means that you, the consumer, can really save big right now!

Living room furniture

Again, buy now if you’ve had your eye on that beautiful sleeper sofa or entertainment center. You won’t find deals any better than right now.


With old models moving out and new models arriving in stores, take advantage of major deals and get that TV you’ve been dreaming about. Maybe you’ve been hoping to update the TV in your game room or man cave. Now is the time, and the deals couldn’t be better!

Patio and outdoor furniture

To finish our furniture sales section, let’s look to the great outdoors. Hopefully, you haven’t been so busy buying beautiful interior furniture at great deals, that you’ve forgotten about your bare patio!?! This just won’t do! You can get beautiful patio furniture at a steal during the month of September. Don’t like the idea of having your new furniture out in the elements all winter long? You can always buy it now and store it till next year.

Flatware and china

Another wedding season has come and gone. While the newlyweds are settling into their new lives, why not take advantage of some end-of-season deals and stock up on some new flatware for your new home? If you don’t mind last season’s patterns, or prefer a more traditional, classic look that never goes out of style, September is a great time of year to snag some deep discounts.

Another busy sales month! Here’s a good rule of thumb for September: either buy at the first of the month or wait until the end of the month. Those are your best sales times. By the way, in addition to hosting Labor Day, September also boasts National Chicken Month. So, go celebrate however your little heart desires! Come back next month, and we’ll check out October deals. With the holidays coming soon, we’re sure to find some great discounts. Until then, happy shopping!