The Top 3 Most Luxurious Log Homes

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The Top 3 Most Luxurious Log Homes

Log Home Great Room
Chilhowee Mountain Retreat – Maryville, TN

There’s luxury: finally installing that beautiful fireplace you’ve been wanting in your home for as long as you remember. And then there’s luxury: 20 Million dollar log homes with the works, including a full bar and hundreds of acres of land. Long gone are the days of escaping to a quaint, cozy log home removed from the city. Enter the days of next level log homes, featuring some of the most beautiful rooms and amenities real estate has to offer. Here, we’ll go through some of the most expensive, luxurious log homes in America; who knows, maybe you’ll find a special touch for your log home in this inspiration.

#3 – 411 Willoughby Way, Aspen, CO – $19.9 Million

With a prime location just a mile away from downtown Aspen, this log home is jaw-dropping in both size and beauty. Willoughby Way is Aspen’s equivalent to Rodeo Drive or Park Avenue – it is the most prestigious address with great reason. This 8,497 square foot log home has some of the most breathtaking views Aspen has to offer, featuring high ceilings, a double sided fireplace, and a large terrace. The home was created with family and entertainment in mind. There’s a full bar to enjoy a cocktail by the fire along with a billiards table, and plenty of other amenities to soak in.

#2 – 201/565 Midnight Mine Road, Aspen, CO – $47.5 Million

Over double the cost of 411 Willoughby Way, this extravagant log home also resides in Aspen, Colorado. It was built in 2010 and is a massive 23,649 square feet. This, of course, translates into 12 beds and 15 full bathrooms in the house! There will never be a shortage of space for family or guests around the holidays. Equipped with high ceilings, the latest appliances, and an enormous wine cellar, this log home is absolutely stunning.  Not to mention the priceless views!

#1 – 46660 County Road 129, Steamboat Springs, CO – $59.9 Million

Coming in at #1 is the Big Creek Ranch in Steamboat, Colorado. This beauty costs $59.9 million dollars and is 11,000 square feet and comes with 5,035 acres of land. It’s been dubbed the “trophy ranch” with five cabins in addition to the 11,000-square foot lodge and four utility buildings. The log cabin also comes with a 100 year old barn from the original property. There is also a creek and 16 ponds stocked for fishing. Just 13 miles from downtown Big Creek Ranch is truly a masterpiece and the definition of relaxed log cabin living.

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