What Now SignSo, what’s the next step?

This question is one of the most often asked.  We offer a few different options for proceeding as there are many aspects that need to be carefully considered.  That said, we would like to mention three things that stand out as important, “next steps.”  This stage of the process should be one of the most informative, exciting and hopefully enjoyable times to discover more about your Custom Timber Log Home!  They are…

  1. Order a Preliminary Drawing:

    With the Preliminary Drawings, you’re one step closer to building the log home you’ve always wanted.  With these larger format drawings, usually 2′ x 3′, you can modify a standard design of your choice and work towards the final layout of your new log home.  Once you are finished, you’re then ready for a free estimate, and the preliminary drawings will be delivered via mail or PDF to email for review and approval.

  2. Receive a free estimate of a log home design already in mind:

    If you already have a design in mind, simply sketch it out, or copy the drawings and send them over for review by our design and pricing staff.  Upon preliminary approval, you will receive a detailed job cost estimate of your log or timber home design.

  3. Schedule a Planning Consultation:

    With a Planning Consultation, we will schedule a time where we can discuss the finer details of the log home or timber home construction process and what to consider when modifying a design.  We will also cover important things to consider when choosing amenities and options, establishing and staying on budget, obtaining financing, and much more.

If you are ready to get started building your dream home, please find the info here under Building Your Dream Log or Timber Home

designer at table

If you are interested in building your own log or timber home, or getting us to put up the log or timber shell, find that info here under Building Your Own Log or Timber Home.Crystal Lake Log Home

Idesigner at tablef you are ready to get started building your dream home, please find the info here under Building Your Dream Log or Timber Home

Also, if you haven’t already registered with us, please do so.  This will open up a ton of information that is generally not available to the public, and will also allow for more access to restricted areas.  As always, if any of this seems overwhelming, or if you need help in any area of design or build, info or planning, feel free to give us a call and we will do our very best to help in any way we can.

Thanks, and we are thrilled you are considering what we consider to be the very best of the best when it comes to log and timber homes. Happy Planning!