Getting Started

Getting Started

What is the next step?

Getting started with us is as simple as can be. You can simply call, email or use the form below. Be sure to include the Model Name of the home you are interested in getting or modifying in your info.

However, we would like to mention three areas that stand out as necessary, “next steps.” This stage of the process should be one of the most informative, exciting, and hopefully enjoyable times to discover more about your Custom Timber Log Home! They are:

Option One: Order a Preliminary Plan For Our Turn-Key Construction Services:

1. We get you started with a preliminary design for review. A small design deposit of 50% of the plan cost is required to begin. We will meet in person, virtually, or by email and text. Many of our customers are moving to Tennessee from other states; virtual meetings make this process inexpensive for travel for those customers. We can continue to communicate through email or text if you prefer. The design process can begin with a home you have found on our site or any other idea you may have. Our designers will then draft a plan for you and send via PDF or mail a copy for review. Once the design is as you want it, we will move on to the next step. The remaining balance of the plan will be due, and the designers will move on to the framing process of the home. The remainder of the plan money is then due. The rest of the plan cost is necessary for accurate pricing of all the framing components of the house.

If you decide not to build with us, you will receive a complete working set of documents which you can take to the builder of your choice. If you choose to use us as your builder, we will apply the plan money you have paid to the cost of your package, which essentially makes the plan free of charge.

2. Once you choose to build with us (excellent!) We will then send the plan to the estimating department for a quote. This process takes a little time, but we get things as accurate as possible, so there are no surprises later in the build process.

3. We will draft up paperwork with each area of the build; for example, you will have a section with a cost allowance for kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring, and others. Once the paperwork has been discussed and the quote approved with a signed contract, we will begin pulling permits after the initial 15% of the home package cost is paid.

4. Once the permits are all in order and approved, we handle the process until the home is complete and you are ready to move in your furniture. The build team will contact you about all your options and work with you along the way to choose colors and any fine details you have in mind.

Option Two: Ordering a Package for you or another builder to construct:

1. The process above is the same; we would stop after the plans and quotes and send you three sets of working documents. We then arrange for the package to be put together and shipped after contract signing and payment. We work with your builder should they need any additional information or support during the construction.

Option Three: Ordering of a set of blueprints only.

1. The first process is the same as above until step two. You would pay for the plans in the same way. We will work with you to finalize all your desired changes to the blueprints and ship three sets to your location.

Log Home Kits vary greatly, so do your research. A good place to start is with information from neutral sources like this one on log home kit information.

If you are ready to get started building your dream home, please find the info here under Building Your Dream Log or Timber Home

If you are interested in building your own log or timber home, or getting us to put up the log or timber shell, find that info here under Building Your Own Log or Timber Home.

Idesigner at tablef you are ready to get started building your dream home, please find the info here under Building Your Dream Log or Timber Home

Also, if you haven’t already registered with us, please do so.  This will open up a ton of information that is generally not available to the public, and will also allow for more access to restricted areas.  As always, if any of this seems overwhelming, or if you need help in any area of design or build, info or planning, feel free to give us a call and we will do our very best to help in any way we can.

Thanks, and we are thrilled you are considering what we consider to be the very best of the best when it comes to log and timber homes. Happy Planning!

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