Our Story

Our Story

Bo Sparks: Pioneering Log Homes, One Timber at a Time


Imagine a journey through the heart of the log home industry, with twists, turns, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Meet Bo Sparks, a true trailblazer in the world of log homes. His story is not just about building houses; it’s about crafting dreams and shaping a legacy.

The Early Days:

Bo Sparks embarked on his log home adventure back in the late 1980s. His journey started with log home repair, window and door installation, and the art of rough framing. It was a humble beginning, but little did he know that this would be the foundation for something much bigger.

In the late ’90s, Bo joined forces with Tennessee Log and Timber Homes, under the helm of Dexter Webb. The company was based in Athens, TN, and it was here that Bo’s log home odyssey truly began. He spent about a decade working with clients and building log homes in East Tennessee and its picturesque surroundings. But as the years rolled by, Bo started to see both the beauty and the blemishes of the log home industry and the companies that shaped it.

A Turning Point:

Change was on the horizon. Bo’s quest for excellence led him to a pivotal moment. In collaboration with Burton Webb, CEO of TN Log, they co-founded Tennessee Log Construction. This marked a significant step in Bo’s “log home thinking.” He wanted to set a new standard, one that prioritized customer satisfaction and the highest quality of craftsmanship. It was a bold vision, and it would soon lead him down a different path.

The Birth of Independence:

The desire for a better way of doing business burned brightly within Bo. He decided to part ways with Tennessee Log Construction in 2011, driven by his unwavering commitment to his principles. Bo was determined to forge his own path, one where he could design, supply, and build exceptional homes without compromise. And who better to join him in this endeavor than his son, Chris Sparks?

In early 2012, Bo and Chris founded Log Homes of The Smokies in picturesque Townsend, Tennessee. Together, they embarked on a mission to redefine the log home industry. However, as their partnership progressed, Bo sensed that things were veering away from his vision of excellence. In 2011, he made the courageous decision to cut ties with the company.

Independence and Excellence:

Bo Sparks’ journey has been a quest for perfection, a relentless pursuit of delivering the best homes at a fair cost. Together with his son, Chris, they’ve not only met their goals but continue to push the boundaries of excellence. Every day brings new lessons and opportunities for growth. Sadly, Bo passed away handing the company over to Chris on June 12th, 2022.

In conclusion, Bo Sparks’ story is a testament to the power of determination and the pursuit of a dream. His legacy is etched in log homes that stand as more than structures; they are the embodiment of craftsmanship, integrity, and a commitment to turning dreams into reality. Bo Sparks, a true pioneer in log home construction, reminds us that with passion and vision, we can build not just houses, but a legacy that lasts a lifetime.