What to Buy in October

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What to Buy in October

What to buy in October - Cars, gadgets, grills and living roomsWhat to Buy in October

October is upon us, and it has brought fall weather!  Isn’t it nice to feel the crisp breeze and watch the leaves begin to change?  Fall is a favorite season of ours—who doesn’t like to see a beautiful log home in a colorful, fall setting?  October has a lot to offer.  In addition to Halloween at the end of the month, we can all look forward to Get Organized Week (the first week of the month), Fire Prevention Week (the second week of October), and the all-important Mother-in-Law’s Day (the fourth Sunday of the month).  Plus, the holidays are just around the corner, so you know the deals are heating up even as the temperatures cool down!


Now that the back-to-school rush is over, this is a great time to find jeans for your entire family at discounted prices.  Retailers are willing to mark down their left-over inventory to make room for holiday clothing items.  Plus, with the rush of school shopping behind us, you won’t have nearly as big an audience in the dressing rooms!

Gas grills

This one is a no-brainer.  Actually, you can find deals on anything patio related during this month.  The summer is over and retailers are eager to move old inventory out to get ready for the holidays.  Let their loss be your gain and snag a new gas grill today!


As the 2015 models begin to arrive, dealers are slashing prices to move out the remaining 2014 models.  Use this to your advantage.  If you don’t mind a “dated” car, you could save a huge amount of money.  Another way to save even more money is to watch for cars whose 2015 models have been dramatically updated.  The more “new stuff” the next year’s model will have, the greater the discount for the remaining 2014 models.  So, if you’ve been in the market for a new auto to match your new log home, now is the time to act.

Tires and auto parts

October is Fall Car Care Month.  This is all the incentive retailers need to offer some good deals to get buyers in the door.  Look for “buy-three-get-one-free” specials on tires, reduced prices to “winterize” your vehicle, and deals on oil changes.  If your log home is in the mountains, this is a great time to purchase some winter tires to keep you safe on the roads.


As we said last month, many recreational facilities, summer camps, and even private owners will sell their horses at the end of the summer season to avoid the high cost of feeding and boarding horses through the winter.  If you’ve been considering buying a horse, now might be a good time to do so.  Just make sure you’re being realistic about the winter costs involved before making your purchase.

Storage bins

Since this is a time when lots of homeowners are ready to store summer decorations and pull out fall things, many retailers will offer their plastic storage bins at a reduced price right now.  Since Get Organized Week is the first week of October, why not jump on the bandwagon and reduce your clutter!


Think digital cameras and MP3 players.  Retailers are moving the old inventory out to make room for the new models, which are arriving as you read this.  Got someone on your Christmas list that would really like a new camera or MP3 player?  Now is a good time to get a jump on your holiday shopping.


Upcoming holidays mean lots of opportunities for cooking.  Retailers are more than willing to help you get the pots and pans you need to do any job.  Many stores will begin now to offer cookware on sale, in an effort to get a jump on the holidays.  So, if you are planning on buying something for your own kitchen or as a gift for someone else (don’t forget Mother-in-Law’s Day!), this is a great time to go out and shop.


Most of us probably don’t need a good reason to buy wine, but if you do, here’s one:  early fall is a good time to buy wine.  It is just after fall harvest, and the latest vintages are released by most vineyards at this time.  So, stock up for the holidays now and save some money in the process.

Air conditioners

The prices on air conditioners change as the temperatures change:  as the air cools down, prices drop, and vice versa.  If you’ve been nursing your old air conditioner along for a while, October is a good month to start talking to AC contractors.  However, if you can wait another month or two, prices will drop even lower.

Big appliances

Retailers are trying to get older inventory out of the stores to make room for the newest models.  This means big discounts for you!  So, if you’re ready to buy a washer/dryer set or refrigerator for your new log home, October is a great month for those purchases.

Living room furniture

As with appliances, next year’s furniture is arriving in showrooms now, so retailers are willing to offer deep discounts to move out the remaining “left-overs” from 2014.  Also, retailers are hoping to get a jump on holiday shopping, and many will be offering free items to entice shoppers to buy.  For example, if you purchase a sofa and love seat, you may be able to score a recliner or coffee table for free.

Dining room furniture

Dining room furniture will go on sale near the end of this month, so wait a few more weeks before buying.  Again, retailers are likely to offer you a free server or china cabinet with the purchase of a table and chairs, so be on the look-out for these to make the deal even sweeter.

Another busy month of sales has come!  Start thinking about holiday shopping now, because retailers are offering discounts and incentives earlier every year.  Check back next month for November’s deals, and as always, happy shopping!