Organize Your Small Log Home

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Organize Your Small Log Home

Small Home OrganizationIf you’ve decided to downsize your belongings, want to save money and precious resources, or simply like smaller homes, tiny houses and log homes may be perfect for you. However, when it comes to “living small” or living in small structures, the organization of your home can make or break your experience. Living in comfort – rather than chaos – in a small home or log cabin requires some dedicated research on the topic of organization. From hidden storage nooks to wall-to-wall bookcases and more, we want to help you take the plunge into a well-designed, yet small, log home life.

At Custom Timber Log Homes, we offer log home floor plans under 1250 sq. ft. We consider them our coziest log and timber homes, and they’re great as a first home, retirement home, a hunting cabin, or a home off the grid. These small log cabin floor plans are just the beginning of what you can do, so be sure to let our design team know if you’re interested in a custom designed floor plan.

Get inspired and organized with some of our favorite ideas and space solutions for log homes and cabins under 1250 square feet. Below you’ll find tips and resources to maximize your space, which will make your log home feel much larger than it is. Plus, you’ll find clever ways to free up space!

Make Your Small Log Home Feel Larger

  1. Choose furniture that serves, or transitions to serve, more than one purpose. Extra storage is always a perk.
  2. Create hidden storage to hide necessities and clutter. Build features that allow you to nest, re-nest, and nestle your belongings into carefully designed and hidden organizational spaces. Furniture can also nest (i.e. a table that fits under another table when it’s not in use).
  3. Maximize your wall space with floor-to-ceiling bookcases and storage cabinets. Try framing a doorway with shelving or bookcases.
  4. Allow as much natural light into your home as possible.
  5. Install hooks to keep things off the tables, counters, and floors.
  6. Opting for open shelving, furniture, and cabinetry, rather than closed, creates the illusion of more space.
  7. Rooms feel larger when furniture disappears into the walls. Do this by matching furniture to the wall color.
  8. Downsize what you own. Keep what’s important, what you use regularly, and what you need. Living small means reducing some of the stuff we accumulate over the years.
  9. In some spaces, you can add volume by arranging furniture in the center of the room.
  10. Any hollow space, like staircases, can be organizational space.
  11. Focus on the functional use of space. Make sure  that everything has a place, and that it stays put when it’s not in use.
  12. Mirrors and reflective surfaces can create the illusion of additional space.
  13. Watch the documentary “TINY: A Story About Small” (available on Netflix). Watch the trailer here.

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