Verilock SensorVeriLock™ System by Andersen Windows and Doors

Custom Timber Log Homes offers the Andersen and Eagle brands of window and doors to our customers.  One of the most overlooked areas of a home is often the windows and doors.  These are sometimes left as a last minute choice, or change to a different manufacturer, but with the new line of VeriLock Integrated Sensors, this might be one to plan on from the very beginning.

We all know that windows and doors can make a huge difference on energy bills, but another key aspect of their purpose is security.  Almost all of our Custom Timber Log Homes utilize a high tech security system, but with the new product announcement, these items will be built into the window and door product.  This will allow for less cost on wiring, and will allow for easier design to hide the security system, as well as provide you with the quick, at-a-glance reminder that your doors and windows are all closed and secured.

With this new system, a wireless security sensor is built into each unit.  This, coupled with a Honeywell® Total Connect remote, or most existing smart phones, will allow you to look at a glance to see if you have remembered to close and lock all of the doors and windows in your home.  Very nice!

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