Log Home Profiles and Corner Options

Log Home Profiles and Corner Options

Log Home Profiles and Corner Options

Many things in the log home industry are specific to each manufacturer or builder. However, log home profiles (which means the shape of the log) and log corners are two essential log home elements that remain fairly constant throughout. Without these two factors, in some form or another, your home isn’t really a log home.

The term “Log Profile” generally refers to the overall shape of the log itself. Usually, this is viewed as a cross section of the log, similar to a slice of bread in a loaf. The term “Log Corners” refers to how the logs meet up at each corner of the house.

While the profiles and corners vary, the basic overall function of the logs remains the same: keeping the elements out. Over the years, there have been many attempts at making a better, more efficient wall system, and the result has been a better, water and air tight stack, which is more energy efficient and much stronger than in the past. This is very interesting, as we still have older log homes around today from hundreds of years ago. Imagine how long this new and improved, stronger system will last!

Our Standard Log Home Corner Systems and Shapes:

We have put together what we feel are the best of the options below. While this list can be modified, most of the options are there after many years of trial and error within the industry. We have these items as stock, but we still do many custom creations, as well. This list shows our stock systems with a checkmark and non-stock with an “x” at the intersection point of log profile and corner system.

We also deal in handcrafted logs, in various sizes from 10” up, and various sizes for Swedish Cope style systems, with a drawknife finish.

Profiles and Log Corner Styles

Now, unless you have been studying log homes and log home terminology for a period of time, the numbers in this chart may look like hieroglyphics.  We get this comment from time to time.  While we strive to keep our customers up-to-date with the best knowledge and practices, we also understand that our passion for the deep inner workings of the log home may not be as every day as we might like to think.  This is why our standard of practice is to tailor our services to each homeowner.  We won’t bore you with excessive terminology; but, if you want to talk down-and-dirty, log home terminology, ‘Jeopardy style,’ we’re up for that, too.

Please let us know if you would like information on additional systems not shown in the chart.  We have also linked a few of our most popular styles below for reference.

Here are a few of our more popular log profile styles and corner systems:

About the Author: 

Chris Sparks is an architectural designer specializing in residential log and timber homes. Practically growing up on job sites, he has been around construction and on sites since the age of seven (shhh! don’t tell OSHA, it was okay back then). After graduating from the University of Tennessee, he began putting his construction knowledge and love of computers to use in the field of computer-aided design. Chris specializes in ArchiCAD. Chris lives in the Knoxville, TN area with his two children.