log home construction underway

Chilhowee Mountain Retreat

Our log home construction service takes the worry out of building your dream log home. We offer both dry-in and, our most popular, turn-key service. Every stage of construction is offered to meet with your needs.

With the turn-key jobs, we handle the job from beginning to end, supplying every contractor and sub-contractor needed for each step of the construction project. You don’t have to worry about finding workers to build your dream home when you have us in charge of the project.

The dry-in construction process is the most basic. This is ideal if you are a do-it-yourselfer or looking for a lower-cost alternative to our turn-key service. With dry-in construction, the finished log house is a shell. All of the inner and outer walls are finished after you take care of the foundation. You then take over to install the HVAC system, electricity, plumbing, and other finishing touches for the home.

Example: Typical Steps in Building a Log Home:

  1. Framing the basement
  2. Adding the subfloor
  3. Installing the log wall system and all exterior framing of walls
  4. Installing the second-floor system and walls
  5. Installing the second-floor decking, as needed
  6. Installing roof rafters
  7. Adding rigid insulation, if required
  8. Putting up windows and doors on the outside with exterior trim
  9. Framing outside decks
  10. Framing interior partition (non-load bearing) walls

Our turn-key service starts with your piece of property and finishes with your ready-to-move-in log home. This service includes pre-construction steps, like clearing the land and installing the foundation, and post-construction measures, like installing appliances and carpeting in the finished home. We will work with you to ensure that the home we build is exactly what you want.

The basic framing of your house that we do in our dry-in construction is included in our turn-key service. We will also do the following:

  • Plan the home with an initial estimate
  • Finalize the blueprints and pull permits as needed for construction
  • Clear your land
  • Trench around the area for the foundation, plumbing, and utility lines
  • Land grading
  • Install mechanical rough-ins for electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems
  • Add insulation and finish interior walls
  • Add hardwood flooring or carpet as needed
  • Paint or stain the exterior of the home
  • Install fixtures like vanities, sinks, cabinets, and bathroom mirrors
  • Add plumbing fixtures like toilets, tubs, and showers
  • Finish electrical wiring and install fixtures light overhead lights, switches, and outlets

Have a question regarding any step of the process? Want to know if something is included in one of our construction services? Feel free to contact us.