Where to Build A Log Home

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Where to Build A Log Home

Where to sign

Where to signWhere should you build your new home?

Whether you are planning to build a primary residence near the conveniences of the city, or a secluded weekend retreat in the mountains, you will most likely be able to find land that will suit your needs.

While studying possible home sites, research the area’s average temperatures, annual rain and snowfall amounts, local government, schools, crime rate, property taxes, shopping, etc. If you are looking at land in a subdivision or community, obtain a copy of their by-laws.

Make sure you will be able to participate in your favorite activities, should you build in that area. This will not only keep you active, but will also be a quick way to feel as if you “fit in” with your new neighbors.

A great way to find out about an area is to speak to local residents. Most people are quite knowledgeable about their community and would love to be asked!

Above all else, pay attention to your instinct when looking for a good location to build a log home.  If you get a feeling about a place, it is worth taking the time to find out what it is about the area or place that is making you feel either comfortable or uncomfortable.  Take it from us, we would much rather build your home for you in a location which you will be thrilled about for many years, than to see you kick yourself for not asking a few more questions while preparing to build.

More often, your “gut instinct” can tell you even if your brain hasn’t gotten the message yet.