Mountain Crest Log Home Main Floor PlanI told you that Sandy was decisive, right? Well, she has always dreamed of an Acadian style cabin with a true wrap-around porch that encircles the entire cabin. As it turns out, she’s getting her wish…

Approximately two years ago we began to work with Chris Sparks of Custom Timber Log Homes to design our dream cabin. Sandy does not have the ability to visualize what a floor plan will look like or how big it will be. Therefore, Bo was kind enough to ask his son Doug to show us his home since it had a wrap-around porch. The floor plan was known as the Mountain Crest. Sandy liked it very much and we decided to use this as a base model to start with. We made a few minor changes with one big one. Since this cabin was going to be our retirement property, we wanted the cabin to be handicapped accessible and thus added an elevator. Sandy and I would get together with Chris, Bo and Mary Ann (Bo’s wife) every time we visited Maryville, TN. Since we live in the New Orleans, LA area, we had to rely on the internet to send ideas back and forth between our visits. Chris was very patient. Sandy and I moved this, changed that, added this, change it back again.

As we got closer to a final plan, Chris suggested we try what is now Custom Timber’s Virtual Design Center. Using the BIMx software, we were able to visualize what our cabin was going to look like using our computer. We were able to make markups, suggest changes and e-mail them back and forth to Chris. He, in turn, would make the necessary changes and e-mail them back for our review. The ending result was the floor plan now known as the Creekside. We love it and are sure that you will too!

(Previously submitted by Craig Hill on Sun, 07/28/2013)