Bear on the job site!

//Bear on the job site!

Bear on the job site!

So, just standing there on the Bradshaw job site, minding their own business and all of a sudden… blam!  A black bear is standing there 40′ tall and weighing 800 lbs looking for food!  Ok, maybe it wasn’t all that big, but still… and in the middle of the day, with record high temps!

These critters must be getting hungry, or the heat might be going to their heads to have them rummaging for food during the heat of the day.  Just goes to show you, though…  the jobsite must be kept free from food or you might be getting all “buddy buddy” with creatures you didn’t expect.  This little girl chewed up an interior door earlier this year.  Now to find out how she was picking the lock… 😛

Thanks for the pics, Ken!  Shoot over some more when you get your normal camera gear.

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Chris Sparks is an architectural designer specializing in residential log and timber homes. Practically growing up on job sites, he has been around construction and on sites since the age of seven (shhh! don't tell OSHA, it was okay back then). After graduating from the University of Tennessee, he began putting his construction knowledge and love of computers to use in the field of computer-aided design. Chris specializes in ArchiCAD. Chris lives in the Knoxville, TN area with his two children.

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