Which Log Style?

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Which Log Style?

Which Log Style Should You Choose?

Which Log Style To BuildThe style and finish of the logs you select will largely determine the look of your home.

There are typically two main types of logs, or log styles: handcrafted and milled. If you are interested in a rustic look, you will most likely prefer handcrafted logs. If a more finished appearance is your style, you will prefer milled logs.

Handcrafted logs, as their name denotes, are peeled by hand, using an axe or knife. Apart from being peeled, the logs are otherwise unchanged, allowing them to retain their natural “tree-like” appearance. The process of handcrafting logs is quite labor-intensive, and is, therefore, the more expensive choice.

Milled logs are also known as machine-profiled logs. They have undergone a manufacturing process, which converts the logs into timbers that are consistent in size and appearance. The consistency of the timbers gives the home a more uniform look.

In addition to the log style, you must also decide on the log shape, or profile.  Please read our article, “Log Home Profiles and Corner Options” for more information.