Which Log Home Company is Right for You?

So many choices exist, but which log home company is really right for you?
Finding a log home company is easy.

Finding the right log home company for you is more difficult, and should not be taken lightly. Ask yourself the following questions when deciding which log home company to use:

  • First, what do they include in their log home kits?
  • Are they straight-forward with you in their communication?
  • Do they answer your questions, or lead you to a different question?  Any politician-style answers could be an indicator of future problems.
  • Is the company located near your building site?
  • Do they offer the wood species you are interested in?
  • Do they carry a variety of log styles?
  • What materials are included in their log home packages?  What will you have to purchase in addition to what the package provides?
  • Do they have an in-house designer, and does he/she offer a wide variety of floor plans?  Are the designer’s services included in the price of the package, or as an extra cost?
  • Have they provided you with excellent customer service?  Have they spent time with you?  Have they answered your questions competently?
  • Can they begin your project in a timely manner?
  • Have they given you an estimate regarding the time it will take to build your home?
  • How do the costs of their products and services compare with other log home companies?
  • Have you met the contractor who will be overseeing the construction of your home?  Do you trust him or her?

The last question is very important.  You will be working closely with your contractor for several months; it is imperative that you feel comfortable with this person or company.

CTLH LogoYou may wish to use this list of questions when interviewing different contractors and log home companies.  Add some of your own, and make notes to help you keep track of who said what.  We wish you good luck as you begin the building process!

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About the Author:

Chris Sparks is an architectural designer specializing in residential log and timber homes. Practically growing up on job sites, he has been around construction and on sites since the age of seven (shhh! don't tell OSHA, it was okay back then). After graduating from the University of Tennessee, he began putting his construction knowledge and love of computers to use in the field of computer-aided design. Chris specializes in ArchiCAD. Chris lives in the Knoxville, TN area with his two children.

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