A Room with a view…

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A Room with a view…

Creekside Log Home With Wrap Around Porches and Dormers

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A Room With A View

Thirty-six years ago, my wife told my mother-in-law, ‘That’s the man I am going to marry.’  It took her five years to convince me.  Then, thirty-one years ago, while on our honeymoon, she said, ‘With you or without you, this is where I am going to retire one day.’  Since it is ‘cheaper to keep her,’ we started looking for retirement property around the Smoky Mountains a few years back.  We were trying to determine where we wanted to live and what kind of view we wanted.  Did we want a cliffhanger looking down at the valley or pasture land looking up?  Did we want a mountain stream, etc.?  Since we were looking for ‘retirement’ property, we decided that we did not want to be driving switch backs without street lights when we were in our seventies.  Therefore, we decided on approximately six acres of pasture land in Sevier County with a beautiful view of English Mountain.

There was never any doubt about what kind of home we wanted.  We wanted a true log cabin.  However, we wanted to be thorough, so we interviewed several local builders, from custom ‘stick built’ homes to log-sided homes to true log cabins.  Since this was going to be the third house that we were building, we had plenty of experience with choosing a contractor.  We visited many actual build sites, which were in progress, as well as several finished homes.  We wanted a contractor with decades of experience in building true log homes in the area.  Lastly, we wanted a turnkey home.  We prayed over it, and God took us to Bo Sparks of Custom Timber Log Homes of Maryville, TN.

(previously posted at customtimberloghomes.com 6/22/13)