Log Home Maintenance

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Log Home Maintenance

6x8-d-butt-and-pass-logMaintenance is required to protect your investment from the elements.  Every material on Earth will eventually break down.  Even the ones we think of as being here ‘forever,’ such as granite and glass, still have a limit and will break down due to the sun’s radiation over time.  To help protect your investment, you can begin by keeping prevention and maintenance in mind, even from the initial design concept.  For example, you can add porches and overhangs to help guard against inclement weather including sun, rain, and snow. Choosing the right stain will also help protect your home, as some stains are better able to guard against pests, weather, and decay than others.

Having a routine maintenance check-list for areas that need attention can help you tremendously.  This is very simple and takes very little time to complete.  Much like preventative maintenance for your teeth to avoid cavities, doing basic checks and up-keep on your home keep problems from occurring.  All homes will show signs of wear in areas that get the most sun radiation, constant water friction, or, in some areas, even high winds.  A quick walk around the outside of your home a couple of times a year to visually check for areas needing attention is all that is typically needed.  If an area looks like it might be in need of care, simple steps can be taken to keep a problem from manifesting.

One thing to remember is the importance of keeping vegetation away from the home.  If a plant or tree comes into contact with the exterior of the home, pests and water can cause issues much faster.  Keeping shrubs cut back, tree leaves off of the home and out of the gutters can make a huge difference when it comes to long term home care.

You can always ask someone here at Custom Timber for advice.  We are always glad to help!