Are Log Homes More Expensive Than Frame Homes?


Log Home CostThis can be a tricky question, as you often find yourself comparing apples to oranges, or at best one type of apple to another.
Is it more expensive to build a custom log home, as opposed to a custom stick-frame home?  No.  Is it more expensive to build a custom log home, as opposed to buying a “spec” house?  Yes, usually it is.
Custom-built homes are typically one-of-a-kind structures that come with all the “bells and whistles,” such as tongue-and-groove floors, cathedral ceilings, wrap-around porches, stoned fireplaces, etc.  Custom homes that are built to an individual customer’s specifications will always cost more.  Whether or not they are log homes, you are paying for your home’s individuality, its “uniqueness.”
Therefore, most custom homes, whether they are log or frame, will cost between 10% and 30% more than an equivalent “spec” house.  That said, as with all things, you can make or break your own budget by choosing cost effective or expensive finish materials.  So, the real question is, how do you want to build, with a budget, or with a “no holds barred” approach?
Important items to note when it comes to how we do business:
  1. We are not a “fast food” style, one price fits all log home company. This means that we quote each home as it is designed. It is the only way to be 100% fair and transparent, but it isn’t a fast process.
  2. Each of our quotes is based off of what you want in your home, not what we want to provide you described in a catalog.
  3. Each quote can take hours to complete, so we will go through our “ball park pricing,” which will help you decide if this next step is for you.  It also helps us keep costs down by only quoting for serious customers. Harsh or not, it is the only way we can be competitive and keep serving our customers.