What Should I Buy When? – What to buy in July

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What Should I Buy When? – What to buy in July

Home Appliances - what to buy JulyOur Monthly Guide to Getting the Best Deals at the Best Times

Happy Independence Day!  July has come in with a bang, and with it have come sunny days, insects, and… sales!  In addition to the Fourth of July, this is also National Hot Dog Month and National Ice Cream Month.  Two more great reasons to celebrate this wonderful country!  For those of you with weddings on the horizon, July is an especially good month.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple, or you want to get in your new father-in-law’s good graces, July is the month for you!  Keep reading to find out more.

What to buy in July


July is still a good month to pick up swimwear at discounted prices.  Whether you need a new suit for your vacation or just for your local lake, now is the time to buy.


Shop now for great deals on sandals.  You may wish to think about purchasing sandals for next season now, so consider timeless fashions as you make your selections.  Of course, you can always treat yourself to a new pair of sandals for this summer, too.  Nothing says good living like relaxing on your log home’s porch in a comfy pair of sandals.


Make sure you stock up on sunscreen for all your outdoor outings this month.  You can find sunscreen at discounted rates starting around mid-July, as retailers are trying to move out summer inventory and make room for fall items.

First-aid supplies

It’s always a good idea to have a well-stocked first-aid kit.  Retailers are making it even easier this month by offering discounts on everything from bandages to aloe.  July is a great time to stock up on items you use regularly.  While you’re at it, check your emergency first-aid kit and make sure you’ve got everything you’ll need, just in case.

 Men’s suits

July 30th is officially Father-in-Law Day (we can’t make this stuff up, folks)!  Now is a great time to shop for spring suits for that special guy.  As with sandals, look for timeless classics that he can wear regardless of fashion trends.  So, if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift (at a discounted price), this may be just the thing for you.

Small electronics

If you’re still trying to impress the father-in-law, but a suit is not an ideal choice, perhaps you should consider wowing him with a small electronic device.  Think along the lines of a camcorder, digital camera, or GPS.  Many retailers are drastically slashing prices on these items right now in an effort to clear space for new models arriving in August and September.


Summer is a great time of year for homeowners to catch up on home repairs and remodels.  If a painting project is in your near future, take this opportunity to stock up on paint and supplies at a reduced cost.  Even if you don’t plan to begin your project for a few months, you can still save money now by purchasing the supplies now.

 Home décor

Retailers are offering big discounts on everything from paintings and mirrors to dinnerware and table linens.  If you’re decorating your newly finished log home, this is a great month to find deals on home décor.   If you’re shopping for a nice wedding gift, it’s hard to go wrong with a beautiful, classic piece to accent to new couple’s home.

Indoor furniture

Last month was the time to buy outdoor furniture.  July is the month to purchase any indoor furniture you’ve had your eye on.  Whether you’re in the market for a new sofa, a dresser, or a mattress, you can find deals on it all.  Retailers take advantage of the July 4th holiday to offer great deals, in an effort to move out old inventory.  The new inventory will begin arriving in August, so retailers will be happy to give you a great deal to get the furniture out of their showrooms.

 Home appliances

Deep discounts can be found on all home appliances this month, as well.  Just as with furniture, new models will begin arriving in August.  Retailers want the old models out and will offer great sales to entice consumers to buy.  If you need a refrigerator or dishwasher for your new log home, now is the perfect time to buy one!


Again, out with the old and in with the new.  New models in August mean great discounts in July.  If you have been waiting to purchase a new TV, wait no longer.  If you want to save even more money, look for an item that has been returned (known as an “open box” item) or a floor model.

Whew!  July is a busy money-saving month!  We hope you can find everything on your list at a great price.  Check back for more deals in August.  Until then, happy summer and happy saving!