What Should I Buy When – What to buy in May

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What Should I Buy When – What to buy in May

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What To Buy When

It’s Springtime!  Warm weather is here to stay for a while, and the kids are anxiously awaiting summer vacation.  This is the month of Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and, of course, Memorial Day.  May is a great month for sales, especially toward the end of the month.  Needing a new dishwasher or some warm weather items?   Read on to find out of now is the time to buy. Let’s begin with What to buy When


Party supplies

This may seem like an odd one to begin with, but with both Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day this month, now is a great time to stock up on colorful napkins, plates, cups, utensils, tablecloths, etc.  Is your log home finally finished and you’re ready to show it off?  Why not host a barbeque and use your discounted party supplies?  With the deep discounts you’ll be able to find this month, now is the time to stock up for future parties, too.  Let’s begin with What to buy when for May!

Athletic apparel and shoes

When the weather warms up, retailers try to take advantage and boost their sales by offering deep discounts on warmer weather athletic apparel.  So, if you’ve been gearing up for some spring and summer hiking and camping trips, May is a good month to get the clothing items you need.

Vacuum cleaners

New models arrive in June, so this is a great time to grab a good deal on a new vacuum for your new log home.  One word of advice:  vacuums DO NOT make good Mother’s Day gifts.  Get Mom some beautiful flowers instead (did we mention they’re on sale this month?).  But, with the so many discounts, you’ll be able to buy both this month!

Cookware and kitchen accessories

With wedding and graduation seasons now in full swing, you’ll find deep discounts on cookware and kitchen accessories during the month of May.  Is your favorite niece getting married?  Now is the time to splurge for some nice pots and pans for her.  Got a son going off to college?  This month, you can afford to buy him all the kitchen gadgets he’ll need.  Maybe you could even get some new items for your new log home.

Flowers and shrubs

With Mother’s Day on May 11, the first of the month is a good time to get discounts on flowers and shrubbery.  Many people give these items as gifts, while others purchase flowers and shrubs for landscaping purposes.  Perhaps you’ve just moved into your new log home and you’re ready to think about landscaping.  Now is a good time to visit your local plant nursery or home improvement store and get some good deals.


A mattress is a mattress, right?  Wrong!  There are so many different mattress models to choose from, it will make your head spin!  Just like with so many other items, manufacturers come out with new mattress models every year.  It just so happens that the new models roll out in May.  Since retailers are eager to get rid of existing inventory to make room for new models, this is the perfect time to get a great deal on the mattress that’s just right for you.

Home appliances

Memorial Day is at the end of May, and with this holiday come great savings on home appliances.  If you’re furnishing your newly finished log home, this is a great time to purchase a refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, trash compactor, etc., all at deeply discounted prices.  Some of the best prices of the entire year can be found at the end of May, so don’t wait!

Living room furniture

Now is also a good time to take advantage of Memorial Day savings on living room furniture.  Couches, coffee tables, and even rugs will be marked off right now.  If you’re planning on buying a new recliner, you may want to wait a month.  While discounts are offered on recliners now, the discounts get even deeper right around Father’s Day in June.  A great gift for Dad at a great price—what could be better!

Picnic and barbeque foods

Did we mention May is also National Barbeque Month?  Well, it is!  So, stock up on hamburger buns, hot dogs, condiments, and chips, invite everyone over to your new log home, and have a blast!

There are lots of savings to be had during the month of May.  Whether you’re looking for new cookware, new clothing, or a new mattresses, chances are you’ll find a good deal this month.  So, enjoy the hunt!  Make sure to check back next month when we’ll fill you in on all the savings you can find in June.  Until then, happy shopping!