A Word on Log Shapes

Along with the log style, you must also decide on the log shape.  These two aspects of the log go hand-in-hand to achieve a desired look.  The three most popular log shapes are D-Log, Traditional, and Full-Round.

D-Logs are the most popular log style used.  Just as the name suggests, the log is rounded on the outside and flat on the inside, forming  a “D” shape.  The curved exterior gives the authentic look of log, while the flat interior surface allows for the hanging of pictures, shelves, etc.  Each log has a tongue-and-groove design cut into the top and bottom surfaces, ensuring the logs fit tightly together when stacked.  Available corner styles are Saddle Notch, Dovetail, Butt-and-Pass, Corner Post, and Corner Board.

Traditional log style allows for a flat surface on both the interior and exterior walls.  When stacked, chinking is placed between the rows of logs.  Chinking is traditionally a mortar-based filling, but it can also be made of synthetic materials.  Traditional logs are available in Dovetail, Butt-and-Pass, and Corner Post corner styles.

Full-Round logs, as the name suggests, are rounded on both the interior and exterior surfaces.  This style is often preferred if you are looking for an authentic “log cabin” look.  Tongue-and-groove is cut into the top and bottom surfaces of the logs to ensure a tight fit.  Full-Round logs are available in Butt-and-Pass, Saddle Notch, Corner Post, and Corner Board corner styles.