Will my logs shrink and crack?

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Will my logs shrink and crack?

Yes. And if someone tells you otherwise, back away from them slowly. Let’s explain:

Minor Log Checking

Normal Checking

The important part is to get as much of the shrinking and checking (cracking) completed before milling the logs. This is commonly accomplished by either dry stacking or kiln drying the logs. We use kiln dried cants, and kiln dry our logs as well. This way you have a much better chance of seeing any movement and/or checking before the logs are cut. That said, some checking and shrinking will occur after construction. We do allow for log shrinkage in our point load systems and screw adjusters, but we have rarely had to adjust any of them in the past.

Abnormal Checking
Look out for major checking in logs. These have a tendency to create a problem over time, especially if the check is facing up to collect water.
Bad Log Split in Wall

Bad Split in Log Wall (Competitor Log)

If the water collects, then freezes, you have a problem that will get much worse over time.