Do you guarantee your products?

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Do you guarantee your products?

We offer one of the best guarantees in the business. We will not allow for an unhappy customer. Our warranty is called “Log Home for Life” It is just that, we honor your home, and the warranty with it, for life. We believe it is the best program available on the market.

We feel time should not have a factor in how long your home is covered from defect and problems with materials or workmanship. Also, our warranty isn’t something we are using to cover us in case of a lawsuit. This warranty was written for our customers to have peace of mind, and know they are taken care of if something does fail or go wrong.

For as long as you own your home, it is covered. If you sell your home, we will also transfer the warranty to a third party pending an inspection of the home before the time of the sale. We feel this is the best way to show we are serious about our quality and craftsmanship, and we stand behind what we do. We want you to have the satisfaction of knowing we have your back, and will for many, many years to come.

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