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Raw logs getting ready for final notchingGreat products are essential to building a great log home. At Custom Timber Log Homes, we stand behind our products. We only work with top craftsmen and experts to make sure our products are up to our exacting standards–and yours.

While we understand log home enthusiasts have a keen eye for quality, we don’t expect our customers to be the experts—that’s our job! In the past, we have watched as customers have been forced to learn (in excruciating detail) about log home products and construction methods. You wouldn’t be expected to know all the tools and techniques used by a surgeon, would you? Why should log home building be any different? We don’t believe it should!

That’s why we take the burden off of your shoulders, and have put together several levels of log cabin kits to fit most any need. We remain up-to-the-minute on product research and development, not only learning about improvements in the field, but also continuously working to improve our own products and techniques. Our results speak for themselves.

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Put your trust in us. We will work tirelessly to make sure your home is built right, with only the best, tested and true products. You really shouldn’t expect any less.

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Your log or timber home any way you want it! We can provide any level of completion, from just stacking the logs, all the way to handing you the set of keys for move-in day!

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