The Plant (Mill)

The Plant (Mill)

The Log Mill

The Log mill is where you will find some of the hardest workers on the planet. They work continuously to provide us with our raw materials and finished products used in nearly every home we build.

The log mill is where state-of-the-art machinery meets custom hand-hewn logs; accordingly, custom handwork is the best way to describe it. From cutting and milling to custom joinery and hewing, they do it all. And they brave the weather and elements to get the job done on time, every time!

Hewing machinery exists for a “hand-hewn look.” However, it is not the same as an actual hand-hewn log; as a result, the logs look uniform in their cuts. Don’t get me wrong, it seems ok, but you can certainly tell the difference in the authenticity of an actual hand-hewn log.

The mill consists of the finest group of people you will meet and, indeed, the hardest-working bunch we have working for us! We couldn’t ask for a better group of individuals working for us.

Machinery exists to mimic the look of hand-hewn material, but it usually looks too uniform. The machines don’t consider where the notches need to live unlike a person. Plus, they can be very dangerous and have a staggering costs. Therefore, we like to keep it authentic and keep costs down for our customers.

We aim to get you exactly what you want and keep it as affordable as possible. That’s why we are in business. Contact us to find out more!

In short, we wouldn’t trade this bunch of guys for any other. We are proud they are representing our company and keeping standards as high as possible.