The Bradshaw Home

The Bradshaw Home

Bridging the Gap Between Dreams and Reality:

The Bradshaw Gallery:

When your dream home is miles away, the challenges might seem impossible. At Custom Timber Log Homes, we specialize in making the seemingly impossible possible. Our long-distance home construction services are customized to transform your vision into reality, regardless of the distance that separates us. Discover how we navigate this unique journey with a blend of expertise, innovation, and unwavering dedication.

Why Choose Long-Distance Home Builds with Custom Timber Log Homes:

Seamless Communication: Our commitment to clear and constant communication sets us apart. We keep you updated at every project stage, ensuring you remain in the driver’s seat, no matter how far you are.

Transparency Matters:

We believe in complete transparency. From project timelines and budgeting to design decisions, you’ll have access to all the information you need to make informed choices.

Virtual Tours:

Embrace the future with our cutting-edge technology. Experience your home’s progress through virtual tours, giving you a firsthand look at every detail, no matter where you are.

Dedicated Project Managers:

Each long-distance build is assigned a dedicated manager who will be your point of contact throughout the process. They’ll address your questions, provide updates, and ensure your peace of mind.

Quality Assurance:

Our commitment to quality remains unwavering. Rest assured that your long-distance project will receive the same meticulous attention and craftsmanship as any other Custom Timber home.

The Long-Distance Building Process:


It all begins with a comprehensive consultation. We’ll discuss your vision, preferences, and requirements in detail. Even from afar, we’ll collaborate closely to ensure your dream takes shape.

Design & Planning:

Our expert design team will work closely with you, incorporating your ideas and preferences. We use advanced design tools and software to create detailed plans that align with your vision.


With plans in hand, our skilled construction team gets to work. Whether you’re around the corner or across the country, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality artistry.

Virtual Progress Updates:

Stay connected with your project through virtual progress updates. Our multimedia resources, including photos, videos, and virtual tours, ensure you’re always in the loop.

Final Walk-through:

Once your home is near completion, we’ll arrange a virtual final walk-through. The walk-through is your chance to inspect every inch of your new home and provide feedback.


Distance shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving your dream home. Custom Timber Log Homes bridges that gap with our long-distance home-building services. Our commitment to communication, transparency, and quality ensures that your vision becomes a reality, no matter where you are. Explore our success stories and join the ranks of satisfied homeowners who have experienced the Custom Timber difference.

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This section provides a visual journey through each stage of the construction process. At Custom Timber Log Homes, we prioritize clear communication and transparency, especially for our long-distance customers. To ensure our clients are well-informed, we offer regular updates with an array of multimedia resources.

Our updates include a comprehensive collection of pictures and videos, which are easily accessible via an iPad link. We maintain constant communication through phone and email, ensuring our clients are part of the process every step of the way. The images showcased below are precisely the updates provided to our homeowners during the construction phase.

For more insights into our ongoing projects, we invite you to explore our “Construction” section within our galleries. It’s a great way to stay connected with the progress of our various builds. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we believe in keeping you informed and involved throughout the entire construction journey.

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