Locke Carriage Home

Locke Carriage Home

The Locke Carriage Timber Home Build

This custom timber home is being constructed in Louisville, TN.

This is the first phase of the build with a home to follow.

This section will show a few images from each stage of the build. If we are handling construction personally, like in this home build, we keep our long distance customers up-to-date with pictures, videos, an available iPad link, and via phone and email throughout the build. The images you see below are just a few of what the homeowner received during the build. On average, each section of the build will include between 30-40 pictures of each phase of the build. Each area is photographed for customer feedback and input. 100% transparency is our goal with each and every build. Feel free to follow our other ongoing builds in our “Construction” section of the galleries.

Please use the arrows in the above image to navigate between images if the autoplay does not work properly.