How we Design Log and Timber HomesLog Home Design Services:

The industry has had a very popular “buzz term” flying around for the last couple of years in the log and timber homes arena.  “BIM” is the hot topic, and most people don’t even know what it is, let alone why it will help you design and build a better home.  So… let me tell you!

What is BIM, Exactly?

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is a process by which a home is modeled using software, rather than drawn using individual lines, like in traditional hand drafting or programs like AutoCad.  The Virtual Building is “built” within the software, and is immediately available to view in 3D through the same software.  Changes in either 2D or 3D are automatically updated throughout the model and documentation.  This allows you to see exactly what you are going to get, and allows us the opportunity to pull information from the model once it is completed.  After all, the “I” in BIM is one of the most important areas for accurate take-off and materials; and, without pulling the information from the model, it’s just BM… which, well sort of stinks.

So, Why Should I Care?

Why is this important, and why you should care?  Put simply, BIM is an interactive approach to designing customized homes and log cabins, which allows our customers to view their home virtually before construction begins.  Contrary to popular opinion, BIM is NOT a new concept.  Graphisoft (the makers of ArchiCAD), was the first to explore this system way back in 1987.  The system has come a long way since then, but the basic premise of what is designed and how information is pulled from the model is still at the very heart of the software.

Post Preliminary Design:

BimX 19Once your log or timber home project is modeled using our BIM modeling software, which is specialized for log and timber homes, we will then send you a link to your own section of our website for home plan for review.  This downloadable software is a self-contained application that runs on Windows, Mac, or even on the iPad.  You will be able to see both inside and outside your home, as if you were taking a real log home, virtual “walk-through” tour of the home.  Most importantly, it allows you to review your home on your own timeline, with no meetings or added pressure of reviewing under deadlines.  Simple controls allow most any user to operate, navigate, measure, mark-up, or even snap pictures of areas in question or in need of changes, for our design team to review and update.

Take a tour of your new home from the comfort of your current home or office, interacting with your design on your own time.  What could be better?  This software allows us to keep the highest standards of construction and expectations, and it gives us the opportunity to keep our costs down to a minimum, which allows us to pass this savings on to our customers.  More on how to use this software after the break.

Examples of Our Work:

Below is an example of the software and controls:

Each of our models will be available as a download soon, and some are already up and ready for download.  If you are interested in seeing a specific model that isn’t yet available, please let us know.

Take a moment to download and run an example home.  This will install a very small program, which will be automatically removed after viewing.  To download the model, visit this page and follow the instructions under the BIMx model section.  You can either register through facebook or directly with a username and password.  models are available for Mac and Windows computers.