Step: 1 

Right click on this link to get started (choose “Open” in a new window for the easiest way to see everything at once):

NOTE: After clicking on the link, you should be sent to either Google Places (if you are logged into Google), or it will ask you to register with Google, if not.

google plus custom timber log homes

Step: 2

Either follow the link (if you are already signed in) or register to be able to go forward.kEePJwx5PMQmnUMO

Step: 3

Click on the “Write a Review” in the upper right hand corner of the box shown to the left (should be in the center of the page)SVPqsPSaSuXw1aYw

Step: 4

Feel free to use your testimonial text, if you have already written one for us. If you haven’t already written one, feel free to leave it here and we will take care of the rest. Link to the testimonial page:H5iwNVYJaCKEgNX2

Step: 5

All finished! Thank you very much for your time!4RmXFAOVwpPBENMB