True Chink Log

True Chink Log with Solid Spacer (Fig. 1)

Custom Timber offers two different types of Chink Log Wall Systems.  The first is what we call a “True Chink Log,” by this, we mean one log is stacked, a spacer log is placed within the notch of the first, and the next log notches over the spacer.  See figure 1.  The finished product is pictured in figure 2. (Click to enlarge for more detail.)

Most of our direct competitors use a foam block between the logs and chink over this.  We feel this makes the log wall system lose rigidity and insulation from the loss of thermal mass.  All of our chink systems are solid logs.

The “Fake Chink” system is a bit misleading.  There is nothing fake about this system, and perhaps “Milled Chink Log” would be a better descriptor for this log wall.  See figure 3.  This uses solid logs and omits the spacer in favor of a grooved profile that will result in the exact same look of the True Chink system.  Obviously, with less log profile milling, the cost of the Milled Chink Log is lower than the True Chink style.  We love them both, and feel confident the way we mill and build is as good as it gets.

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