Logos over the years

Our Story:

Bo Sparks has been in the log home industry since the late 1980’s.  After beginning in log home repair, window and door installation, and rough framing, he joined in his first company collaboration with Tennessee Log and Timber Homes, then owned by Dexter Webb, which was based in Athens, TN, before its ultimate closing in 2012. After about ten years of working with clients and building log homes in the East Tennessee and surrounding area, he and the CEO of TN Log, Burton Webb, formed another company called Tennessee Log Construction.  This was an important step in the evolution of Bo’s “log home thinking.” For Bo, this helped make him aware of the good and bad of the log home industry and the companies involved in designing and building log homes. This would eventually lead him down the path of looking for a better way of doing business.

Shortly after deciding to leave his partnership at Tennessee Log Construction, he and three other partners started Log Homes of The Smokies in Townsend, Tennessee. During the course of this partnership, Bo began to feel that things were heading back to a way of doing things that didn’t match with his end goals for customer satisfaction and quality of goods.  He decided to cut ties with the company in 2011.

After leaving Log Homes of The Smokies, Bo decided to go out on his own to pursue his goals of designing, supplying, and building the best homes possible at a fair cost.  He chose as his partner his son, Chris Sparks, who had been working at his side since 2002 at Tennessee Log Construction and later in drafting at TN Log Homes and Complete Blueprints. Since founding the company in early 2012, both Bo and Chris have met their goals and continue to grow and learn on a daily basis.