Phoenix Model – The story behind the homeLog Home Front Deck With Rockers

Spradling Home On May 28th, 2010, the Spradling family watched as their home was destroyed by a fire.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, but their home was a total loss.
Demolition began as soon as the fire marshal gave his report, and the insurance company finished their investigation. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The Spradlings met with our team of designers and builders, and plans were finalized to rebuild with a better, stronger structure.
Beginning work on the forms and foundation systems. The homeowners chose to go with a full poured concrete wall construction, after seeing how badly the block walls held up during the fire.  It was so hot in the basement, even the concrete floors busted and crumbled.
The basement foundation completed with forms removed. The area to the bottom of the image is the concrete beginnings of the attached two-car garage.  Note the anchor bolts in the top of the foundation walls.  These are used to fasten the pressure treated sill plates.
Wood I-Joists were used for the subfloor construction. After the joists were placed, blocking and extra framing was completed around loads and point loads above.  Extra framing was also used in all areas of the home that needed to withstand more weight.  Then, Advantech subfloor sheathing was installed. This silent floor system is worth the extra time and money. Back Camera
custom-timber-log-home-phoenix-model5 After the logs were stacked and all of the porches and decks were constructed, the truss roof system was installed. This is an option that will save money if the heavy timber roof system isn’t in your list of wanted items. False beams and heavy timber can be added to the bottom of the truss system if desired, or a true iOS heavy timber roof system can be used.
Finished roofing is installed.  Concrete, stain, and final prep work begin. custom-timber-log-home-phoenix-model6
phoenix-log-home-model-custom-timber-log-homes Finished Phoenix model in Maryville, TN. We had originally called this model the Tellico but renamed it in honor of this family’s struggles, and their ability to overcome a terrible situation. While nothing can replace the photos and memories that were lost in the home, we hope this beautiful house will be the source of many more memories and fun with friends and family.

Click here for finished photos of the home, and for the floor plan and renderings.