“When we decided to build our home, we entered into a partnership of mutual respect and understanding with Bo and the staff. They did not disappoint and were with us every step along the way; from the time the plans were drawn up, to the land being cleared, to the final walk-through. Our phone calls and emails were answered immediately or responded to very quickly, and this was especially important to us since we were 500 miles away. Their attention to detail, dedication to the customer and continuous customer service sets them apart.”
Bob E.
“My wife Marla and I purchased a lot in Kinzel Springs in October 0f 2002. We are originally from New York and have resided in Fort Lauderdale for the past 37 years. We had no clue about building a log home in Tennessee, and would be building “from a distance” with access to our homebuilding once every 2 or 3 months at best. Clearly a potential recipe for disaster. Luckily for us we chose Bo Sparks as our custom builder for our log home. The building process could not have gone smoother. Great communication, No cost overruns, never a problem and great advice as to materials, modification ideas and advice. Everything was explained to us and it was as if we were building with a long term trusted friend.. Other people in Kinzel Springs DID run into disaster when they chose the wrong builder. We can only give Bo and his company our highest recommendation for an honest and worry free building experience.”
Bob & Marla Frankel - Townsend, TN