Gasket and splines

Hill Log Wall System & Subfloor

The Hill home is an 8x8D log wall with saddle notch corners.

When beginning the log wall stack, be sure to square the subfloor and pop lines for setback before putting any of the material on the subfloor.  It is much easier to do this with an empty subfloor.

Below will show the stack and various shots of items, such as window and door bucks (inner jambs) with slotting, T-joints, base log install, insulation, etc.

It is imperative to remove the paper backing from the self adhesive strips on the insulation gasket, and to clean the dust and debris off of the log, before adding any caulk or the next run of logs. The easiest order of operations is as follows:

  1. Clean the top of the log course after any drilling or splines.
  2. Apply the gasket material and only caulk the area where the next log will be placed.
  3. The paper gasket backing should only be removed a short time before each log is placed in the wall system.

Other important items to remember include making sure the truck can access the job site, and having a machine on site to remove the logs from the truck.  We recommend the use of an all-terrain forklift like the Gradall shown in the images below. These can be rented for very little money, and if they are used for the majority of the heavy materials only, rental time can be minimized to a day or two of use. The time and effort saved will be well worth the money.  If we are delivering locally, check with us on the use of one of our truck/lift combos.

More shots of the subfloor are also listed below.

Hill Subfloor