Log and Timber Home Plans: What is included, and what do I get for my money?

We work with individuals and companies to provide home plans permitting, conceptual design, architectural review for subdivision or estate regulations, etc.

Our standard residential home breakdown is included below.  Keep in mind, this plan is using log construction, so omit those pages if you are building a conventional home.  Our cut sheets can sometimes run 4-5 pages, and details will vary from job to job.  A standard page count will run from 12-30 pages and will contain a wealth of information for builders, planners and permitting personnel alike.



Main Floor:Main Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan:Roof Plan

Foundation Plan:Foundation Plan

Basement Plan:Basement Plan

Elevations – Front and Right:Elevations - Front & Right

Elevations – Rear & Left Elevations:Elevations - Rear Right

House Sections:House Section

Cross Sections: House Cross Section

Subfloor Framing:Subfloor Framing

Roof Framing:Roof Framing

Floor Truss Layout:Truss Layout

Window and Door Schedules:Window Schedule


Details 2:details

Details 3:Details 3

Very Important!

Our plans can be used “as is” in many locations. That said, your local building department may have additional requirements and specifications for your area. Some of these requirements, including structural engineering, soil engineering, and may require additional engineering.

The typical set of plans does not include plumbing or HVAC specifications. Suggested electrical can be added if requested.  These elements are typically obtained through your contractor, builder, or local providers.

All home designs from Custom Timber Log Homes are intended to fit in with local codes when and where the first house was developed unless a custom home or package is purchased.  Detail pages will vary from 3+ pages.