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Should I be up front with CTLH with my budget?

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Absolutely.  Your satisfaction is our primary concern.  We want you to be happy from start to finish, and working within your budget is crucial.  We will tailor your home to meet not only your expectations, but also your budget.  Careful planning reduces time and cost.  When you evaluate other log home companies, be sure to ask if they [...]

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Is metal roofing more expensive than traditional 30 year architectural shingles?

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Metal roofing is about three times the cost of shingles, after labor and materials are taken into consideration. While we could get cheaper metals and roofing systems that are close to the same cost as shingles, we feel these are inferior products, and can't recommend this practice. Our goal is to have happy customers.

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Do you guarantee your products?

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We offer one of the best guarantees in the business. We will not allow for an unhappy customer. Our warranty is called "Log Home for Life" It is just that, we honor your home, and the warranty with it, for life. We believe it is the best program available on the market. We feel time [...]

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What does ‘turn-key’ mean?

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This is the term used when the entire build is supervised by the general contractor. All the customer has to do is "turn the key" in the door after the home is completed. (This obviously does not include moving in your furniture, but sweet talk us, and we might be able to find you some [...]