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What is the average timeline for building a log home from start to finish?2016-11-30T11:59:55-05:00


Timeline for building a log or timber home

This will depend on many factors, including your contractor, the weather, and material supplies.  Most homes take between 6 and 12 months to construct.

While the most unknown areas, like the foundation, can depend greatly on weather, once the basement, crawl space, or slab is in place, the job can usually progress throughout any season.  Once out of the foundation area of the build, the homes usually take 4-5 months to complete.

Obviously things like landscaping and log home stain have to be completed when the weather is cooperative, but most of the other areas aren’t weather dependent.

How is the building process begun with Custom Timber Log Homes?2016-11-30T11:59:55-05:00

satisfactionBy being here, you have already started!

You can take a look through our models, at resources like log home magazines and log home shows, as well as sketching out your own ideas.

Schedule a meeting with one of our designers, and we can begin putting your thoughts on paper.  Every CTLH homeowner has a home custom-designed for them.  Even our stock models will need to be matched to each customer to provide a fit that is truly unique and exactly what you want.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

How can we do business when we’re miles away?2016-11-30T11:59:55-05:00

Click for Reviews of Custom Timber Log Homes

Long Distance Home Building:

The majority of our home owners live many miles away from us.  Answers are always as close as your phone or computer.  Our design team can work with you via Virutal Design, using our BIM software.  If you have an internet connection, you are as good as sitting here face-to-face with our designers.

While most of our build projects are local to the East Tennessee area, we have crews that travel.  Ask today to find out if we service your area!

Be sure to check out our reviews section, or feel free to ask us for a list of references.  We will gladly give these out to anyone asking for more advice.  Even if you aren’t using our services, we do our best to help where we can.

Does CTLH have construction assistance?2016-11-30T11:59:55-05:00

Exterior View of the Watt's Bar BuildYes, we do.  While we can’t build them all, we may have an opportunity to help you with your project.  If we can’t build it, we can offer a technical assist through one of our dealer builder programs, help find a local contractor, or build (opportunity allowing) even build your home with our own team.  Please contact us for more information.

Should I be up front with CTLH with my budget?2014-11-14T08:14:30-05:00

Absolutely.  Your satisfaction is our primary concern.  We want you to be happy from start to finish, and working within your budget is crucial.  We will tailor your home to meet not only your expectations, but also your budget.  Careful planning reduces time and cost.  When you evaluate other log home companies, be sure to ask if they walk your lot to get an accurate idea of overall costs.  You will be surprised how many “No” answers you will get.

Can an existing floor plan be modified?2014-11-14T08:09:39-05:00

This is one of the great things about working with us.  Plans can be modified to accommodate your wants and needs.  The layout of your home is completely at your fingertips.  Our in-house design team can make any changes you can think of, and it is all included in the home package cost!

Are Log Homes Energy Efficient? What is Thermal Mass?2019-02-25T18:11:54-05:00

Woah, woah, woah, captain…  haha!  One at a time, and we promise we will get to them all.

While this has been a huge area of recent conversations, the facts remain on the log home side.  Hundreds of years of history prove that log homes work, and they work well.  But we also have the technical, geeky stuff to throw at you, too.

Proper Construction Makes All The Difference:

With proper construction, log homes are among the most efficient homes available.  With improper construction, they can be some of the biggest money pits known to man.  As Bo Sparks (our co-founder) would say, “If a log home is built right, you can’t beat it.  If not, you can’t heat it.”

We have been brought into situations where energy bills were in excess of $500 per month.  After changing HVAC units, adding insulation, and making a few changes to exterior doors and windows, the same home had a bill reduction of over $300 per month.  Ask for more details and the complete backstory.

You Must Find An Experienced Log Home Builder:

In order for your home to be built correctly, you have to find a contractor who knows about log home construction.  Otherwise, your investment turns into a money pit.  Be sure to check with your local building department before starting your search.  They often have a list of trusted builders, and hopefully log home builders in your area, who will be able to do the job right the first time.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Retirement and The End Goal:

Above all, keep the end goal in mind.  It is difficult to retire into your dream log home and at the same time pay for energy bills with a home constructed improperly.

Helpful Links:
Here are a few links to help understand the processes of thermal mass and how it is related to log home construction:

Rob Pickett and Associates has a few very nice (although a bit technical) explanations –

Thermal Mass beyond R-value

DOE Warms up to Thermal Mass in Log Walls

Comfy Cozy via Log Homes Illustrated July 2007

Inspectapedia.com – Heating and Cooling – R-value and thermal mass

Is metal roofing more expensive than traditional 30 year architectural shingles?2014-02-08T16:31:29-05:00

Metal roofing is about three times the cost of shingles, after labor and materials are taken into consideration. While we could get cheaper metals and roofing systems that are close to the same cost as shingles, we feel these are inferior products, and can’t recommend this practice. Our goal is to have happy customers.

Are log homes more difficult to build than conventionally framed homes?2019-03-20T14:37:30-04:00
Log Home Second Floor Joist Notch

Easy or Hard? It Depends on You.

Simply put, no. Log homes are no harder to build than conventionally framed homes. While this is in large part only based on opinion, and builders do need a different skill set and knowledge of log homes, they are no more difficult to construct. After a short training period on our homes, it is just as easy as it is to build conventional homes.

With the proper training, almost all of the builders we have brought into our facilities have quickly picked up the necessary information to allow for proper construction techniques needed to build our log homes.


Is there a size limit to how big or small a log home can be?2016-11-30T12:00:01-05:00
small log home with porch

Small Log Homes

Small Log Homes

We have designed and completed homes as large as 12,000 sq.ft., and as small as a 200 sq.ft. hunting cabin. In other words, there are no limits at all to the size of your home. If it will fit on your lot, we can design, supply, and in some cases, even build it.


Not-So-Small Log Homes

Large Log Home In Design Phase

Large Log Home In Design Phase

Hey, it’s YOUR dream, not ours.  If your dream is a little escape, or an expansive 20k square foot log cabin home, we can design and supply them to anywhere in the US and Canada.






Do you guarantee your products?2016-11-30T12:00:01-05:00

log home for life

We offer one of the best guarantees in the business. We will not allow for an unhappy customer. Our warranty is called “Log Home for Life” It is just that, we honor your home, and the warranty with it, for life. We believe it is the best program available on the market.

We feel time should not have a factor in how long your home is covered from defect and problems with materials or workmanship. Also, our warranty isn’t something we are using to cover us in case of a lawsuit. This warranty was written for our customers to have peace of mind, and know they are taken care of if something does fail or go wrong.

For as long as you own your home, it is covered. If you sell your home, we will also transfer the warranty to a third party pending an inspection of the home before the time of the sale. We feel this is the best way to show we are serious about our quality and craftsmanship, and we stand behind what we do. We want you to have the satisfaction of knowing we have your back, and will for many, many years to come.

Call us today to find out more, or to get started building your dream home today!

What does ‘turn-key’ mean?2016-11-30T12:00:02-05:00

Turn Key Log Home DefinedThis is the term used when the entire build is supervised by the general contractor. All the customer has to do is “turn the key” in the door after the home is completed. (This obviously does not include moving in your furniture, but sweet talk us, and we might be able to find you some help.)

Can I (the homeowner) be involved in finishing the home?2019-02-28T14:39:57-05:00
Helping On The Job

Helping On The Job


If you have the proper knowledge about installing individual components or systems and are licensed for the task (if required), you can do anything you feel comfortable doing. Installing flooring, sanding, staining, and installing decks have been popular tasks for homeowners to complete in the past, and we will do our best to help where possible. The important thing is, only do what you know, and feel comfortable doing.


Will my logs shrink and crack?2016-11-30T12:00:02-05:00
Light Log Checking

Minor Log Checking

Yes. And if someone tells you otherwise, back away from them slowly. Let’s explain:

Normal Checking

The important part is to get as much of the shrinking and checking (cracking) completed before milling the logs. This is commonly accomplished by either dry stacking or kiln drying the logs. We use kiln dried cants, and kiln dry our logs as well. This way you have a much better chance of seeing any movement and/or checking before the logs are cut. That said, some checking and shrinking will occur after construction. We do allow for log shrinkage in our point load systems and screw adjusters, but we have rarely had to adjust any of them in the past.

Abnormal Checking

Look out for major checking in logs.  These have a tendency to create a problem over time, especially if the check is facing up to collect water.

Bad Log Split in Wall

Bad Split in Log Wall (Competitor Log)

If the water collects, then freezes, you have a problem that will get much worse over time.

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