Woah woah woah captain…  One at a time, and we promise we will get to them all.

While this has been a huge area of recent talk, the facts remain on the log home side.  Hundreds of years of history proves that log homes work, and they work well.  But, we also have the technical, geeky stuff to throw at you, too.

With proper construction, log homes are among the most efficient homes available.  With improper construction, they can be some of the biggest money pits known to man.

We have been brought into situations where energy bills were in excess of $500 per month.  After changing HVAC units, adding insulation, and making a few changes to exterior doors and windows, the same home had a bill reduction of over $300 per month.  Ask for more details and the complete backstory.

Here are a few links to help understand the processes and how they relate to log homes:

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