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Welcome To The ‘D.I.Y’ Area!

While we do recommend professional builders, we also encourage the above average, do-it-yourself’er to get after a project or two.  This area of our site will be the launching grounds for articles and information regarding building log and timber homes.

If you have ideas or questions, please feel free to suggest them.  If we use your idea we will send a small token of our appreciation.

Who Can Build Their Own Home?

While we do promote the DIY’er, we also know just how much work these homes can be. We will be glad to consult with you on a per person basis, or pick our builders brains to see if you might have what it takes to get it done the right way!
The main thing is taking your time, and being able to handle the unexpected situations when they pop up. Trust us when we say this: They will pop up from time to time. Calm, cool, collected, straight-shooters are ideal for most home projects, and we would love to speak about any questions you may have.
While we do our absolute best to provide the most detailed log home plans in the industry, we can go ahead and tell you that this stuff isn’t exactly Ikea furniture. Our logs and cut lists can even be numbered and prepared beforehand, but that still doesn’t make it any less work. Make sure you can handle things if this is the approach you want to take.
Even if you decide the entire home isn’t for you, you might still be able to contribute to your own home build. It is very common for us to work with a builder/owner on their own shower, or doing their own stain or hardwood flooring. This is no problem, and we love working with those types.

What it Takes:

Blood 10
Sweat 75
Tears 12
Preparation 100

A few of our articles and info:

Meet A Few of Our Past DIY’ers!

Dennis H.
Dennis H.Home Built in Ontario Canada
Dennis did a ton of work on his own. We provided him with a log home package, shipping to his location in Canada, and some detailed instructions. He did the rest. What a champ DIY’er!
Mike E.
Mike E.Home Built in Blount County, Tn
Mike is now a happily retired Fire Fighter from New York! Wow, what a worker he is. While CTLH dried in and supervised his build, Mike did a TON of work himself, found an unbelievable number of deals online, and even stained the entire home himself!
Ken L.
Ken L.Home Built in Walland, Tn
Ken is the ultimate handyman. Both Ken and his wife Cheri did an amazing job with both the interior and exterior of their home. We oversaw the build, but Ken and Cheri did a great deal of their own work which included flooring, tile, stain, and the lists goes on and on.

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