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   Custom Timber Log Homes Design Criteria:

    Custom Timber Log Homes

    Rev. Date: November 19, 2013 

(Please answer as much info as possible)

Submitted By: _____________________________________ Date: ______________________________ 

Client Name: _________________________________________________________________________ 

Current Address: _____________________________  Build Address:____________________________

City, State, Zip:_______________  ____   ________  City, State, Zip:_______________  ____   ________

Phone:_____________________________________   Email:___________________________________

Foundation:  Crawl Space    Slab    Basement   Other ________________________________

For Basement: wall height: __________ ft;  Poured  Block (block thickness: ________in. 

Subfloor System: Wood I‐beam    Trusses  2X- Framing   Slab  Other _________________

Deck and Porch Floor System:  2X Framing Cedar Decking  5/4 Pressure Treated Decking     

Other ________________________

Wall System: 

Log:  8×8 D 8×12 D 6×8 D 8” Round 9” Round

10” Round 12” Round Handcrafted Round 6×12 w/ Chink

6×12 LL 8×12 chink 8×12 LL 6×12 Spacer 8×12 Spacer

Conventional    Timber Frame    Post and Beam 

Fasteners:  Through Bolts   3/8” Lag Screws  Oly-Log Screws Other_________________________

Corner Joinery:  Saddle notch   Butt & pass   Dovetail  

Other (Please list dimensions of Height and Width)_________________________

Second Floor System: Conventional framing   Exposed beam framing   4X8 joists 

6X8 joists 8X8 joists 8” round joists Other____________________________ 

Placement:  Joint sit on top course  Joists notch into top course  Notch into ___ course 

Interior Posts:  6X6 posts  8” round posts  10”’12” character posts  8X8 posts 

House Roof System: 

Exposed Beam Options: 4X8 rafters   4X10 rafters   4X10 rafters   6X8 rafters 

8X8 rafters   8” round rafters   Other_______________________________________ 

Conventional Options: Wood I‐Beams  2X8   2X10   2X12   Scissor Truss   Flat Truss 

Attic Truss   Other____________________________________________________________ 

Exposed Beam Roof Areas (please list areas): ___________________________________________ 

Conventional Roof Areas (please list areas): ____________________________________________ 

Porch Roof System: 

Exposed Beam Options: 4X8 rafters 4X10 rafters 4X10 rafters 6X8 rafters 

8X8 rafters 8” round rafters Other_______________________________________

Conventional Options: Wood I‐Beams 2X8 2X10 2X12 Scissor Truss Flat Truss 

Attic Truss  Other_______________________________________ 

Exterior Stud Wall Package: (including gable ends, gable dormers, shed dormers, garage, etc.) 

2X framing with 7/16 OSB and Tyvek Exterior matching profile log siding  Board and Batten

Cedar Shake Bevel Siding Full Log 

Other: _________________________________________________________________________ 

Interior Siding: (for the above listed walls): 1X______ tongue and groove Profile log siding 

Other: _________________________________________________________________________ 

Exterior Windows: Sun Anderson Norco all wood other ____________________________ 

Exterior Doors: Sun Anderson Norco Therma‐Tru other ____________________________ 

Note: if doors and/or windows are to be supplied by others, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide

rough opening and unit sizes, or information on them, to us as soon as possible, and before the log wall cut sheet.

Interior Stair Package: 

Conventional 2X12, number needed: ________ 

Exposed 4X12, number needed: ________ 

Planed Rough Sawn Hand Hewn Factory pre‐cut stair package 

Risers required (kick plates)   Half log   Sandwiched treads   Treads on top of full log stringers 

Fireplace Opening: 

None Pre‐cut Not pre‐cut but provide header log for future fireplace 

Insert (gas or wood‐box) or Full masonry 

Special Code Requirements: 

Snow Load _____________lbs  Wind Load _____________mph  Hurricane Code _________mph  Seismic Code_____________  

Engineering Required 

Notes: _____________________________________________________________________________