Customer Creations

We have been blessed with the some of the best log home customers anyone could ever ask for.  With our beginnings coming from the construction end of the industry, we have had many, and almost all of them have turned out to be not only great customers, but great friends.  We have made some lasting relationships, and we feel confident in stating we have done our very best to help each and every customer get the best home possible.

This gallery collection of customer homes is both old and new, and we feel, some of the prettiest homes you will find anywhere.  We’ve had some of these begin as drawings on sketch paper, some from licensed architects, and even some were rescued from bad situations created by previous attempts at construction or design. No matter the beginning, we can handle anything, from any point, and take it from there.

We even have a few standard models that were created using our homeowners’ ideas.   Some of our customers pick a standard model and modify it to fit their needs. All of our models can be modified, made larger or smaller to fit anyone’s needs and likes. If you have an idea in mind for your home, just let us know and we will turn your idea into your new home.