The roofing process continues!  After the heavy timber was installed, the rough electrical wiring was installed prior to the 2×6 tongue and groove decking. Be sure to allow for the depth of the notch when sizing beams!

Once the first layer of roofing underlayment was applied to cover the 2×6 tongue and groove decking, the foam insulation panels were prepped for install.

The roof, as shown in this log home roof cutaway, is one of the most misunderstood areas of log home roof construction. The roof of our log systems is comprised of several layers, as the illustration below shows.

Built Up Roof System Diagram for Log Homes

The insulation panels are currently being installed, and will be followed by vent channel, OSB, another layer of underlayment, and finally the finished roofing materials.  It’s a long process, but one that ends (if installed properly) with one of the most energy efficient construction methods available. As with anything, it is only as good as the install, so make sure your carpenter understands the process thoroughly, and this will yield a highly efficient roof system for generations to come.

This home should be under final underlayment layer within a couple of days. Always awesome to see these come together!