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Winter Weather Safety Tips

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Brrr!  Winter has come calling with a vengeance!  While many of us can still look out and see snow on the ground, we thought this would be a good time to provide some winter weather safety tips on how you and your home can stay safe and healthy all winter long. Your home Preventing frozen [...]

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Log Home Roof Systems Explained

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What are the differences and similarities in roof systems, and why is it important? A few basic types of systems exist for homes.  Depending on your location, and what types of snow loads, wind loads and other geographic design specs, are all primarily the same in basic function.  They all keep the elements out, and [...]

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Log Home Bed and Breakfast

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Jim and Mary Haider first approached us with an idea about owning and running a log home Bed and Breakfast in Maryville, TN. After researching Bed and Breakfasts, they noticed none of the current businesses were log homes. Jim and Mary had been to numerous log home shows and eventually decided to partner with us.  We were [...]